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    So what are everyone's plans for Earth Day?

    Saturday, 14 April 2012 17:48

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    Urge President Obama: Pledge To Veto SOPA/PIPA

    Thursday, 19 January 2012 00:44

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    Wikipedia BLACKOUT: Protest the Internet Blacklist Bills (PIPA & SOPA)

    Wednesday, 18 January 2012 21:25

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    Stop internet censorship!

    Wednesday, 18 January 2012 21:25

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    Take a moment today to think about how you would feel if your website was censored under the SOPA/PIPA bills...

    Wednesday, 18 January 2012 19:34

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Here are some sweet stories from 2009!

via [] Written by Megan Treacy

2010 is quickly approaching and we can only hope that it holds even more innovations that will benefit the world we live in.  As we move forward, here's a look back at the stories you clicked on most during the past year.  From gadgets to urine fuel, these are the top ten.

10.  Power-Generating Shock Absorber is Surprisingly Strong A bumpy road could become an asset if these electricity-generating shock absorbers make it to our cars and trucks.

9.    Lithium Supply Fears are Total B.S. Don't let the media frenzy fool you:  why a lithium-crisis is not around the corner.

8.    World's First Floating Wind Turbine Switches On Floating wind turbines could be installed in deep water, keeping them out of coastal views and shipping lanes.

7.    New York State Agencies Switching from Bottled to Tap Another government entity realizes the environmental benefits of tap water over bottled water.

6.    Charge Your Gadgets While You Walk or Ride This Personal Energy Generator harvests the energy from your everyday movements to keep your gadgets running.

5.    Yahoo Data Center Will be Powered by Niagara Falls The massive falls will provide the power for the internet company's newest data center, while the outside air will keep it cool.

4.    New Definition for Biofuels:  Using Urine to Produce Hydrogen Turns out it's easier to break the bonds in urine to produce hydrogen than to do the same with water.

3.    Ceramatec:  Bringing Distributed Power Storage to Your Home A company wants to bring high-density power storage to your home, allowing more efficient use of energy.

2.    The Aral Sea Disappears:  NASA Photos Once the fourth-largest inland sea, the Aral Sea is vanishing quickly.

1.    This is How Gorgeous Solar Power Can be Who says renewable energy can't be beautiful?  These terracotta solar tiles captured your attention the most this year.

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